My latest iOS app, AirStitch, accepted into App Store today

My latest iOS app, AirStitch, was accepted into Apple’s App Store today. I developed the app in Objective-C, targeting the iOS 9 SDK, using Xcode, following the requirements provided by BriTon Leap, Inc. The company is the world’s leading developer of custom embroidery design software. Download the app for free and enjoy. The app is a marvel of engineering.

AirStitch is a blessing for computer aided embroidery design enthusiasts. The app allows users to download, organize, and transfer design files in all the all major formats including .exp/exp+, .jef, .pes, .vp3, .csd, .dst, .dsz, .exp, .hus, .pcm, .pcs, .sew, .shv, .tap, .vip, .xxx. [1] Users can convert between formats. They can view detailed 3D image representations of their designs and inspect each stitch and thread color. The detail view shows a list of design thread colors, and breaks down the number of stitches and length of thread used per color (see image below). Design files can be printed via AirPrint (see image below). Files can be emailed. Files can be transferred to sewing machines via WiFi to an AirStash USB card reader or a FlashAir SD card. Embroidery design files can also be renamed. Finally, the app supports storage and organization of design files on four different file systems: iOS, Dropbox, AirStash, and FlashAir. All file systems can be navigated intuitively via a hierarchical, touch/tap driven interface which displays thumbnail images for design files and folder-like icons for directories.

[1] Read-only formats: .emb .art .art50 .art60

Figure 1. AirStitch custom embroidery app’s “Detail” view of design file on 12.9 iPad.

Author: Andrew Jaffee

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