Protocol Oriented Programming in Swift: An Introduction

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(The second and final installment of this series is now available.)

The greatest enemy of software developers is complexity, so when I hear about new technologies promising to help me manage chaos, I listen. One of the “hot” methodologies generating much attention recently (at least since 2015) is “protocol-oriented programming” (POP) in Swift. We’ll use Swift 4 herein. While writing my own code, I’ve found POP to be promising. What’s very intriguing is Apple’s assertion that “at its heart, Swift is protocol-oriented.” I’d like to share my experiences with POP in a formal presentation, a clear and concise tutorial on this up-and-coming technology. I’ll explain the key concepts, provide plenty of code samples, make the inevitable comparison between POP and object-oriented programming (OOP), and pour cold water on the fad-oriented programming (FOP?) crowds’ claim that POP is a magic bullet solution to everything.

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