Using SwiftUI and WidgetKit to make your app content indispensable

By using a combination of SwiftUI and WidgetKit, you can increase the visibility of your app’s content and enhance the user experience by placing one or more “widgets” on the user’s iOS Home screen, macOS Notification Center, and/or iOS Today View. Widgets should display your app’s most relevant content, allowing users to get important information with a glance. When a user taps/clicks a widget, they go straight to your app and should land on a page that gives them more details about what they just glanced at. Take a look at your iPhone’s Today View right now. There are widgets for weather, battery power, maps, stock exchanges — with many more available. For example, you can get an almost-instant read on the current atmospheric conditions by glancing at one of several available weather widgets. This time of year, before I leave the house, I glance at the weather widget to determine if I need a coat and hat before going outside. If I want to get the forecast for later in the day, I just tap on that weather widget to open the respective weather app.

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